Prolong the service life of jaw crusher liner


The lining plate of jaw crusher is also called toothed plate, which greatly affects the crushing force, the composition of product particle size and particle shape in the production of jaw crusher. Because the liner is a part that directly contacts with the ore in crushing production, the lining plate will be subject to great extrusion impact force in the crushing production process, so the lining plate wear is very serious, resulting in the lining plate life will be greatly reduced It increases a lot of maintenance costs, which makes the production very uneconomical. So how to better extend the service life of the liner, or in the production process, we need to pay attention to what problems can make the liner life longer?
1. Using new materials
At present, most of the materials used in the production of jaw crusher liners are high manganese steel. The high manganese steel is hard and has surface hardening, which makes the lining plate wear-resistant and ductile. Therefore, it is widely used. However, the lining plate made of high manganese steel has a disadvantage that it is easy to deform in the process of use, so high manganese steel is not an ideal choice for manufacturing lining plate Choose. In recent years, foreign manufacturers and some domestic manufacturers use a kind of high chromium white cast iron to make lining plate. This kind of material not only has the advantages of high manganese steel, but also has a longer service life than high manganese steel, good wear resistance and is not easy to deform.
2. Optimization of liner assembly
The first thing to note is that the liner must be firmly attached to the jaw plate, and the two should be leveled. On the other hand, due to the serious wear of the lining plate in the production process, the bolts used to install the lining plate will often loosen. When the bolts are very loose, the wear of the lining plate will be accelerated and a lot of noise will be generated. When the bolt is loose, the liner will fall off and the jaw crusher will stop working, which will not only increase the maintenance cost, but also affect the normal production. In this case, spring can be added to prevent bolt loosening, which not only extends the service life of liner, but also improves the production efficiency of jaw crusher.
3. Positioning method of lining plate
The liner of jaw crusher must be positioned by the upper and lower wedges and the side guard. The liner is the form of the mother plate and the positioning mode is not changed. The thickness of the ear is divided to make the daughter board and the mother plate half. In addition, it is very important to heighten the lining plate. In the installation of the sub mother board, it should be noted that the side guard board presses the sub board, and the sub board presses the motherboard, so that the sub motherboard can rest on the body. If the casting process of the sub motherboard is not qualified, it needs to be planed, because if there is a casting problem, the sub motherboard can not be well fixed.
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