Long term storage of jaw crusher requires all preparation


In the process of production, if we need to idle the jaw crusher for a long time, what should we do to ensure that the jaw crusher will not fail in the idle process?
First of all, the arrangement of jaw crusher should not affect the access of other machines. It is recommended to park the jaw crusher in a dry room. If it is forced to park outside, it is necessary to select a flat ground and lay a board, cover it with cloth; secondly, it is necessary to carry out maintenance and repair before storage, clean it thoroughly, and keep the equipment in good condition; it is also necessary to put the fuel control rod of the machine Put it in the idle position and the control levers in the neutral position; also remove the battery, place the battery in a dry and antifreeze place, keep its surface clean and dry, and prohibit placing conductive objects on the battery. When removing the battery, first cut off the negative wire, then cut off the positive wire; when installing, first connect the positive wire, then connect the negative wire. Because the electrical system of construction machinery is grounded with negative pole, this is to prevent short circuit when disassembling and assembling the battery. The lead-acid battery shall be charged once a month; the cooling water in the engine shall be discharged and the engine oil shall be changed. The new engine oil is usually neutral and will not corrode the metal parts of the engine. The fuel tank shall be filled with diesel oil to avoid rusting of the fuel tank. If conditions permit, preservatives shall also be added.
During the shutdown, the engine shall be started once a month to make the machine run for a short distance, so as to establish a new oil film at the lubrication part of each part, so as to prevent rusting. Attention shall be paid to: before the start, the cooling water shall be filled up, and at the end, the cooling water shall be fully discharged; in addition, before the jaw crusher is stored, the method of paint repair or finishing shall be determined according to the size of the peeling off area of the antirust paint on the outer surface Repair by repainting. For the working device of construction machinery, such as the screed of paver, the bucket of loader and the scraper of grader, the rust prevention method for the exposed metal is to apply butter. As for the storage of jaw crusher, you can't underestimate the difference between well preserved and not well preserved. After doing the above work, you can really rest assured!
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