Common faults and solutions of jaw crusher


The jaw crusher is often used in the field of mining crushed stone equipment, in many mineral crushing, sand making, mineral processing and other fields, it is common to see that the jaw crusher has a large crushing ratio and strong crushing capacity, so it is commonly used in the initial breaking equipment, which has a significant effect on the processing of large ore. The jaw crusher is often subject to different degrees of wear and tear in the processing, so the fault is inevitable. Next Let's take a look at the common faults and solutions of the jaw crusher.
1.The particle size of crushed products becomes coarse
Fault cause: this kind of problem often occurs when the jaw crusher is used for a long time. The main reason for the coarsening of the finished product particle size is the severe wear of the jaw plate, especially the part close to the blanking part.
Solution: adjust the size of ore discharge, reduce the size of ore discharge, or change the broken tooth plate 180 degrees.
2.The spring of pull rod is loose
Cause of failure: the feed particle is too large or the jaw plate is loose, and the pull rod or pull rod spring is damaged.
Solution: strictly control the feeding and timely replace the parts with serious wear.
3. Large swing of flywheel
Fault cause: the coupling key between pulley and eccentric shaft is loose or damaged.
Solution: replace relevant parts, especially connecting parts.
4.Hot rolling bearing
Fault cause: most of the causes of rolling bearing scalding are the problem of lubricating oil. Too little lubricating oil may also be the cause of too long running time.
Solution: increase the corresponding amount of lubricating oil, replace the inferior lubricating oil, and strictly control the running time of the machine.
5.Main engine does not operate
Fault cause: when the main engine does not operate after normal power transmission, it is the motor burned or broken, or the pulley may be loose.
Solution: overhaul the motor and fasten the pulley.
6.Vibration of broken tooth plate accompanied by metal impact sound
Fault cause: broken tooth plate is loose, fixed bolt is loose or broken.
Solution: repair the broken tooth plate, tighten the fixing bolts or replace the damaged bolts.
7.Impact sound produced by connecting rod device
Fault cause: eccentric shaft bushing is worn.
Solution: re scrape or replace the bushing.
8.In case of over iron, the jaw plate stops swinging, the connecting rod swings back and forth, and the tension rod spring loosens.
Fault cause: the thrust plate is damaged or the rivet is cut.
Solution: replace the thrust plate and strictly control the feeding.
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