Maintenance of jaw crusher main parts


The maintenance of jaw crusher parts can effectively extend the service life of each part, so this paper introduces the maintenance of main parts of jaw crusher. In the process of maintenance, it is necessary to wait for the machine to stop running completely before overhaul and maintenance, so as to ensure the personal safety of operators.
1. Maintenance of installation foundation: due to the large vibration of jaw crusher during crushing, the installation foundation may loosen or sink in the past for a long time, and ensuring the stability of the installation foundation is the premise of normal production of jaw crusher. Therefore, in production, it should be noted to check whether the installation foundation of jaw crusher is stable, and check the fastening bolts and anchor bolts. If there is looseness or failure, it should be fastened or replaced in time.
2. Maintenance of moving jaw: in order to reduce the wear of moving jaw, wear-resistant lining plate is generally installed on its surface. It should be noted that the lining plate and moving jaw surface must be well fitted when installing the lining plate. In production, we should also pay attention to prevent liner plate from loosening, moving jaw from shifting, etc., and prevent moving jaw from colliding with frame guard plate and other parts.
3. Bearing maintenance: since the bearing bears all the load of jaw crusher, its service life directly affects the service life and operation of the equipment, so it is necessary to ensure the good lubrication of the bearing. It is required that the lubricating oil injected into the bearing must be clean, and the lubricating grease added into the bearing seat is 50-70% of its volume. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of the bearing shall not exceed 35 ℃, and the maximum temperature rise shall not exceed 70 ℃.
4. Maintenance of transmission parts: the eccentric shaft of transmission parts mostly adopts pressure circulation lubrication to ensure the good transmission of transmission device. Especially when the contact between the elbow plate and the elbow plate pad is before the equipment is started, the grease must be added.
5. Maintenance of wearing parts: pay attention to check the wearing degree of wearing parts in production, and replace the worn parts at any time. Regular and comprehensive maintenance shall be carried out for vulnerable parts. If the wear is serious, repair or replace the parts with serious wear. Meanwhile, pay attention to the weight, model and size of the parts to be replaced according to the original parameters.
6. Maintenance of lubrication system: since the dust will affect the normal operation of the lubrication system, it should be ensured that the sealing of the lubrication system is good during production, and the dust and other impurities are not allowed to enter. At the same time, pay attention to clean the lubricating system regularly in production, change the lubricating grease every three times, and clean the dirt in the lubricating system with clean gasoline or kerosene when changing the new oil.
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