The harm of the rusting of the woven bag tearing machine


There are a lot of shredder manufacturers now, but the real strength of the manufacturers, technical clearance is not much, as our factory specializing in the production of woven bag shredding machine manufacturers, equipment quality is improving and progress continuously, fundamentally guarantee the shredder technology, we can not only deal with production equipment, plastic bags, woven bag, more able to deal with metal, metal, so that customers for our equipment real satisfaction.
The shredding machine is made of iron and steel material. If it will rust for a long time in wet environment, but many customers ignore this problem, we will explain the influence of the rusting machine's rusting.
If the bearing shredder will lead to rust, the work efficiency is slow, friction and increases the shredder components, resulting in damage to the shredder parts, then they should rust on the shredder, and lubricating oil to protect, if where rust is serious, it should replace the rusted parts that new parts for production, to ensure the normal production of the shredder, shredder does not guarantee torust.
The shredder must be placed in dry place, to effectively prevent the rusting machine from rusting, thereby improving the production efficiency. The device is used for crushing materials with high viscosity, and has great advantages in production and recycling.

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