The development of the shredding machine industry in china


The shredder must adhere to the combination of independent development and introduction and absorption. Compared with the developed countries, the tearing machine is extremely immature in technology and equipment. The backward development mode makes the high energy consumption and high pollution caused by the enterprise in the production has caused great pressure to the environment. In the new situation of the current economic globalization, the tearing machine industry should also open its field of vision, introduce advanced foreign production technology and experience, and develop and produce high quality and environment-friendly rip equipment. At the same time, we must persist in independent development and grasp the initiative of technological innovation in our own hands, so as to realize the new leap of China's shredding machine industry.
The shredder industry should strengthen internal communication and cooperation. In the environment of fierce competition, there is no doubt about the existence of different degrees of mutual secrecy and blockade among enterprises, which is also an inevitable reflection of the enterprise's own development. But this phenomenon restricts the whole industry's technological level as soon as possible.

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