How to eliminate the noise and dust of the double shaft shredder?


Although the double shaft shredder has low investment, low cost and high profit, it has the characteristics of high production and high efficiency and investment production for the development of the enterprise, but it also has some disadvantages, because the production of the double shaft shredder will cause harm to the social environment. As a result, staff of the environmental protection department will stop, because the shredded materials of the double shaft shredder will cause dust pollution to the society and noise pollution. What is the better of these two pollution problems? What is the solution?
Contamination of the dust from the double shaft shredder can be done by installing a fan in the discharge and crushing chambers of the double shaft shredder. The effect of the pipe and bag filter can be used to reduce the cost and improve the effect of the filter. With perfect results, the problem of handling material dust in the twin-shaft shredder is easily solved. The noise problem of the double shaft shredder is also a headache for many machineries. In fact, as long as the shredder is installed in the installation of the shredder under the ground to dig a pit, in the bottom of the pit to fight the floor, so that it can effectively prevent the spread of noise, and then need to use the foam compartment color steel tile the board is wrapped for noise reduction. After this simple arrangement, noise pollution can be effectively prevented.

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