Which machine is used to grind the fly ash?


Fly ash is a fine ash collected from the flue gas after burning coal, and fly ash is the first solid waste discharged from coal-fired power plants. Fly ash is one of the largest industrial wastes in China at that time. With the development of electric power industry, the amount of fly ash discharged from coal-fired power plants increases year by year. If a lot of fly ash is not treated, it will bring dust and pollute the atmosphere; if it is discharged into the water system, it will form a river silt, and the toxic chemicals in it can also damage the human body and the organism. Other fly ash can be used as admixture of concrete. The mill equipment is used to make the fly ash again used without damaging the environment.
Then the fly ash grinding machine with ultra fine grinding or high pressure Raymond grinding good? Ultra fine powder grinding and high pressure Raymond Mill in separation is in terms of commodity fineness and output value. The fine fineness of the fine grinding can reach two hundred to two thousand and five hundred orders, the output value is about 12 tons per hour, and the fineness of the high pressure Raymond mill can only reach 350 eyes, but the output value can reach about 20 tons per hour, and the individual needs below. So the performance of the superfine grinding machine and the high pressure roller mill can be distinguished, so how to select the processing fly ash? In general, the 325 intention of the fly ash processing is more, but the high output value of the output value can select the high pressure Raymond mill, and the Zhengzhou Shuguang ultrafine micro powder grinding can reach 18 tons per hour. If the fineness requirement is high, ultrafine micro grinding can be selected, and the output value will not be too different.

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