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Vertical shaft sand making machine

Processing Capacity: 20-200t/h

Feeding size: 0-100mm

Applied material: quartz sand,pebble, limestone, pebble, granite, etc.

Application field: mining,cement,building materials,chemical industry

Vertical shaft sand making machine


The new vertical shaft sand making machine is a heavy vertical shaft crusher which is upgraded and transformed on the basis of the original version hammer type composite crushing machine. It is mainly used in the boring crushing and sand making process. The main components include rotor, hammer head, lining plate, inlet, outlet, electric machine, etc. Different from the common composite crusher, the new type of plate hammer crusher has no support. The applicable materials are pebble, limestone, pebble, granite, etc., mainly for the crushing of quartz sand.4.41.jpg

Product advantages

1. The crushing ratio is large, the maximum feeding particle size is 70 ~ 120mm, the discharge particle size is less than 3mm accounts for more than 95% (30% - 60% is 1-2mm), and the discharge particle diameter is adjustable; 

2. There is no grate bar, the material can be hit dry and wet, and the hammer head is a multifunctional hammer head, which can be used in four directions.

3. The utilization rate of finished products is high, and the power consumption per unit output is 1.29kw.h/t;


4. When used with ball mill, the mill output can be increased by 30% ~ 40%, and the system power consumption can be reduced by 20% ~ 30%;

5. Wearing parts are made of high wear-resistant alloy material, with small wear and long service life;

6. Balanced operation, good sealing performance, less dust and low noise;

7. Simple structure, convenient operation, small floor area, convenient installation and maintenance.

Working principle

When the material falls into the cylinder body from the feed hopper, it is first subjected to the first rotor The impact of the upper inclined panel hammer is thrown to the impact plate along the tangent direction of the rotor at a high speed. Under the action of the helical tooth surface and gravity on the impact plate, the material rebounds to the outer circumference of the rotor and the impact plate (i.e. crushing chamber) along the oblique downward direction. After being impacted by the rapidly rotating plate hammer, the material is thrown to the impact plate again, and the process continues to repeat. Due to the repeated impact of the plate hammer and impact plate in the crushing chamber and the mutual impact between the material blocks, the material is broken along the natural section and layer. When the particle size of the crushed material is smaller than the discharge clearance of the first stage rotor, the material enters the crushing chamber of the second stage rotor under the action of gravity. The second stage crushing process is the same as that of the first stage. The difference is that the linear velocity of the second stage rotor is higher than that of the first stage, and the impact on the material is greater, so the material can be crushed more finely. When the material is broken to the final product size, it is discharged from the discharge hopper. The larger one usually has four stages of crushing and has four rotors.


The working principle of the new type heavy vertical shaft sand making machine is to crush materials by impact and extrusion of plate hammer.

The crushing process of new heavy vertical shaft sand making machine is through crushing. -It takes only 2-3s for general materials to be added from the feeding port to the discharged finished product in the crushing chamber. Therefore, the material throughput is relatively fast and the output is high.

The new type heavy vertical shaft sand making machine is a combination of two crushing methods in one machine. The first stage crushing reflects the characteristics of the impact crusher, breaking large pieces of material by high-speed impact, into small pieces. The second stage crushing also reflects the characteristics of the extruder, crushing small pieces of material after impact and extrusion, and the products become powder and small particles; the crushed materials fall in rotation motion in the body, so that the materials are fully broken; the materials in the second crushing chamber are impacted and squeezed, and the extrusion strength can reach 30MPa, which compacts the particle layer and at the same time, the impact effect smashes the particles. In this way, the material discharged under the impact and extrusion is not the cake, but the loose body of the material. Therefore, the new type of heavy vertical shaft sand making machine products do not need to use the breaking equipment.

Technical parameter

Model Feed size(mm) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Spindle speed(r/min) Motor power(kw) Dimensions(mm)
1000 0-50 0-5 20-40 970 45-55 2573*1170*2827
1250 0-70
0-5 40-60 800 75-90 2722*1550*3180
1500 0-80 0-5 80-100 720 132-160 3841*2306*4555
1750 0-80 0-5 100-150 600 160-200 4533*2370*5205
2000 0-100 0-5 150-200 550 200-250 5040*2870*5741

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