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More energy-saving hammer crusher

Introduction of Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is abbreviated as hammer crusher. It is composed of box body, rotor, hammer head and other parts. It is an extremely commonly used crusher. It can be used for hundreds of materials such as limestone, coal, slag, coal gangue, chalk, and coking coal. The crushing effect is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, building materials, construction, cement, water conservancy, power plants and other fields.

Traditional hammer crushers have a common feature-higher energy consumption. In response to this, Shuguang Machinery has introduced European advanced technology concepts for energy saving and consumption reduction, and designed a more energy-saving hammer crusher. Its single machine can save more than 60% of energy. The comprehensive energy saving is 35%, which fully meets the national low-carbon standards. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high efficiency, high yield, and green environmental protection.

Compare energy-saving hammer crusher models

There are many different models and specifications of the energy-saving hammer crusher, which are very complete and complete. The feed size, discharge size, total weight, motor power, etc. of each model of equipment are different, and the scope of application is also different. The more commonly used ones are the following four Species:

1. PCΦ400×300 type: the feed size of the equipment is less than or equal to 200mm, the discharge size is less than or equal to 25mm, the total weight is 0.8t, the motor power is 11Kw, and the production capacity is between 5m³/h-10m³/h;

2. PCΦ800×600 type: the feed size of the equipment is less than or equal to 250mm, the output size is less than or equal to 35mm, the total weight is 4.8t, the motor power is 55Kw, and the production capacity is between 18m³/h-40m³/h;

3. PCΦ1000×1000 type: The feed size of the equipment is ≤350mm, the discharge size is ≤35mm, the total weight is 8t, the motor power is 90Kw, and the production capacity is between 30m³/h-55m³/h;

4. PCΦ1400×1400 type: The feed size of the equipment is ≤350mm, the output size is ≤35mm, the total weight is 31t, the motor power is 280Kw, and the production capacity is between 50m³/h-100m³/h.

Compare the characteristics of energy-saving hammer crusher products

1. Significant energy saving: reasonable internal structure design, more mature motor selection, dual functions, fully realize the good effect of energy saving and consumption reduction, and save more than 50,000 yuan in electricity bills every year;

2. High efficiency and high yield: The crushing ratio is large, generally maintained at 10-25, and the higher is up to 50. The finished material has uniform particle size, no over-crushing, beautiful particle shape, and more cubic shapes, while the output is increased by 60%;

3. Green and environmental protection: The crushing cavity adopts a strict sealing design to avoid dust leakage from the machine body. At the same time, it is equipped with mature dust removal equipment from Germany, which can completely suppress dust pollution and achieve green production effects;

4. Flexible operation: The equipment is light in weight, and the automatic processing system is designed. It is more convenient to operate, and the maintenance is more time-saving and labor-saving. Equipment failures are also greatly reduced, reducing various operating costs by more than 50,000 yuan.

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