Waste tire shredder configuration optimization


In order to solve the problem of used tires, Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery made improvements on the basis of the original shredder. The rubber tire shredder produced plays an important role in the processing of the tire. The rubber tire shredder is equipped with a full set of equipment to help the production line. Complete a full set of production.
Shuguang Machinery found different customer needs in sales of tire shredders. In response to this phenomenon, it took the lead in carrying out a more humanized shredder configuration scheme to allow customers to use equipment that is more in line with their own minds, making customer's production more convenient.
Shuguang Machinery has the following improvements in optimizing the configuration of tire shredders: Shuguang Machinery can provide customers with suitable models of tire shredders according to customer's output requirements, and can customize production operations for customers. The blade material of the tire shredder produced by Shuguang Machinery can be selected by customers. This will enable customers to have more choices and to invest in their production needs and financial strength. The belt conveyor of Shuguang Machinery Tire shredder is planned and designed according to the customer's actual site, providing customers with the most economical belt conveyor.

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