TV shredding machine is easy to cause voltage instability


How to effectively use the discarded TV set has become a global problem to be solved, some by buying expensive or high power and low efficiency equipment, the investment cost is too high, some of the scrap TV is sawn into small pieces by hand and then broken, and the use efficiency is very low. TV shredding machine is necessary equipment for shredding and crushing waste materials, and is also indispensable equipment for crushing materials. The scope of the TV shredding machine is also very wide, in application, the TV shredding machine needs a lot of attention, especially the stability of the voltage in the process of use.
The instability of TV shredding machine can cause the following consequences:
1. Unevenly or even blocking out: voltage instability will first affect the stability of the motor, uneven speed, fast and slow, and so on, and then make the material uneven, in the case of uneven feeding, more simple blocking, forming the cavity filled with unfinished material, severe heavy, a lot of blocking may bring downtime or The temperature of the motor is higher.
2. Belt or sprocket damage: voltage instability, the transmission some of the acceptance of a large tension, forming a loose belt, a long time may slip and so on, so in the condition that the voltage stability can not be guaranteed, the demand is often debugged.
3. Motor fixed unstable: when the voltage is stable, with the change of the force accepted by the transmission, the displacement of the fixed point of the motor and the loosening of the base screw will also be made, so it is often to check if it is not lacking.

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