Importance of blade maintenance of metal shredder


When configuring metal shredder, choose the material which is not easy to process to configure. This equipment can tear different materials. However, when feeding, try to enter one kind of material together. Don't enter one kind of material at a time. If you enter one kind of material at a time, the size of the material will be uneven, uneven, and it is not easy to collect materials.
Nowadays, the use of metal shredder is more and more widespread. It is also known that the shredder mainly relies on the blade to work. If the blade is worn, the production efficiency will be reduced, and the blade is directly in contact with the material.
Metal shredder blades are also vulnerable parts. If the shredded materials are hard, like metal products, the wear of the blades is greater. Some materials are easier to tear, and the wear of the blades is relatively small.
Users often check their equipment according to their actual situation, sometimes the blade used for a long time blunt, just need to polish it, do not need to replace the blade, how to grind the blade of the shredder is different from others, some mechanical blades are flat, shredder blade structure is more special.

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