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Tips fordouble axis shredder work

Shredder have a lot of small tricks in the work that can tear up our paint bucket shredding efficiency. It makes it more efficient and more convenient and safe to work.

Shredder preheating idling in advance before work starts, many workers will ignore the little details, but in fact, shredder if before you can work after a preheating idling is will greatly improve the paint bucket shredder working condition and use fixed number of year. That's a good thing to keep in mind.

Are working to try to choose the same material, just like our pot of shredder, that has been used to shred the bucket bai, you that if you are torn template, that you've been torn templates, so can guarantee the working effect of shredder, torn rogue also will be more evenly, it will also protect the effect of the shredder.

The lubrication of shredder must work hard,

This is not only to increase the production and production capacity of the shredder, but also to prolong the life of the shredder.

The shredder must wait until after all the materials have been shredded and then shut off the machine to prevent the material remaining in the equipment to affect the health of the equipment.

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