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Fluorite hammer crusher structure

The fluorite hammer crusher is mainly composed of a frame, a transmission device, a rotor and a grid screen.

1. The frame is a box-shaped structure, welded by steel plates, and can be divided into upper and lower parts, which are connected by bolts and bolts. The upper part is the feed inlet, and the side is equipped with a small door with high manganese steel liner inside.

2. The transmission device is a device that provides power for the operation of a component, which is mainly composed of a motor, a triangle belt and other components. When working, the motor directly drives the main shaft to rotate through the V-belt.

3. The rotor is composed of a main shaft, a disc, a pin shaft and a hammer head. The main shaft is installed in the bearing seats on both sides of the frame through spherical spherical ball bearings.

The disc is mounted on the main shaft, and the hammer head is hingedly hung on a pin located in the interval of the disc.

4. The grid screen is composed of an arc-shaped screen frame and a screen plate, and is set under the rotor. The curved screen frame is divided into left and right parts, which are hung on the boss on the outside of the frame. There are multiple sieve plates with tapered sieve holes, which are fixed on the screen frame.

Performance advantage

1. The hammer head is completely forged and forged with train wheels, and then processed by heat treatment to enhance wear resistance and toughness.

2. The body structure is sealed to avoid dust pollution in the workshop and dust leakage from the body.

3. The discharge port is easy to adjust, and the discharge size is wide, and the user can adjust it flexibly.

4. The finished product with full screening structure has good grain shape, many polygonal shapes and few needle-flakes.

5. The vulnerable parts are easy to repair and replace, and the maintenance and repair are convenient.

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