When will the plastic shredder blade change?


Plastic shredder wear and tear tools, then the timely replacement of the tool, to avoid affecting the production efficiency, only to grasp the tool wear and tear in order to timely tool change, shredder abnormal wear and tear is a very easy problem, abnormal wear and tear timely replacement tool can. So normal wear process, we need to understand the extent of wear and tear, you need to replace the tool, and the tool is as the operating time increases and the normal wear and tear, the general wear and tear is divided into three stages:
In its first phase, there was a series of imperfections, such as slight folds, oxidation or carbon layers, due to the roughness and unevenness of the tools on the new equipment. However, the blade edge is very sharp, so the tool wear at this stage is also called equipment running-in period. Because after the run-in period is the highest performance equipment, the output value can be maximized, it is not recommended to change the tool now.
The second normal wear stage, this time the basic rough grinding tool, the tool has begun to wear and tear consumption, but the process is still very sharp edge, wear slowly, so the normal operation of equipment, the wear stage is very stable and slow of.
The third most important phase, now you need to pay attention to the wear and tear of the blade. If the wear band width extends to a certain limit, the rough surface roughness, wear faster increase in severe loss of cutting tool cutting capacity, if the impact of efficiency, we must replace the tool.

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