Double shaft plastic shredder blade


Zhengzhou Shuguang Machinery Co., Ltd. customizes and processes various types of shredder blades, selects high-quality materials, advanced heat treatment, and uses high-precision equipment to ensure the size of the blades. As the application of shredder blades becomes more and more extensive, the production process becomes complicated with the requirements of customers. At present, the manufacture of shredder blades is based on the quality requirements to determine the production process, and the system needs to analyze the shredder. The technicality of the blade processing, the selection of various shapes of blanks and manufacturing methods, the preparation of a detailed processing process, in order to be able to produce high-quality products that meet customer requirements.
In the actual production process of shredder blades, the process line can be designed to solve the operability of some special shape products to reduce the production of waste products; in the selection of the processing methods of the various processing surfaces, different processing is divided according to the product appearance. Process, and reasonable arrangement of the order of the processes to determine the requirements and the degree of precision of the process. In the selected shredder blade machining method, the processing economics of the machining method should be considered, and the product accuracy must be compatible with the surface machining accuracy requirements and surface roughness requirements to ensure the dimensional precision, shape accuracy and parallelism of the processing surface. Degree of request. Under normal circumstances, the processing method should be compatible with the machinability of the shredder blade material, as well as the structure, shape and size of the product. In the heat treatment process of the product, we must first understand the purpose of heat treatment, the requirements of the process is to change the performance of the blade material and eliminate the internal stress; the purpose of the processing process is different, the content and the arrangement in the process is not the same The first step of the heat treatment process is to prepare the heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties of the shredder blade. Quenching is the rapid cooling of the shredder blade after it is heated at a high temperature to transform the steel into martensite, and then heated to a certain temperature to transform it into tempered sorbite. Due to the different tempering temperatures, the performance can be Adjusted in a certain range.
The inspection and inspection process may seem simple. It is actually a very important process flow. After the shredder blade product is processed, it needs to be deburred and checked for parallelism, dimensional accuracy, heat treatment hardness, etc. This is the entire shredder blade. The final stage of the process.

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