Maintenance of shredding machine for paint bucket


The paint bucket shredder is a new type of equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It has the characteristics of flexibility, convenience, compact structure and large output. The paint bucket tearing machine is mainly used in the waste recycling station, which can break the beer cans, oil barrels, paint cans and other kinds of cans into pellets so as to reduce the transportation cost and improve the speed of iron smelting in waste iron casting. What are the requirements for daily maintenance of paint bucket shredders?
1. Before starting the test, it is necessary to strictly check whether the installation of each part of the machine meets the requirements, the screw bolt is loose, can use the hand to pull the belt to test, whether there is the phenomenon of touching the shell and so on. At the same time, check the direction of rotation, strictly prohibit the tearing of flammable and explosive materials, so as to avoid accidents.
2. In production, uniform blanking should be maintained to ensure the quality of shredding and normal production, and motor overload must be strictly prohibited to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
3. In addition to frequently checking and checking the loose and loose parts of the parts, we should also pay more attention to check the wear condition of the damaged parts, such as the serious wear and tear should be replaced in time so as to avoid damage to the main components and take the necessary fire prevention measures.
4. Because of higher speed, besides installing correctly and firmly, lubrication should be kept at the same time to keep the machine running normally. Under normal circumstances, the bearing temperature is not more than 70 degrees is normal. The main bearing is added butter and molybdenum disulfide once a week, and the effect of high speed butter is better.

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