Large wood crusher use and maintenance method


The material shredder has a longer service life than the metal shredder because the wood material is soft and easily broken, so the equipment wear will be relatively small, but some nails and iron pieces in the wood furniture will also be To the machine caused some trouble, today we simply say a few common wood shredder production failure. The long-term production will loosen the fuselage and ground links, screws and rivets will be greatly worn, and must be used to repair through repair, this is already a premise can not be replaced. In the transmission system, the wood shredder drives the blade back and forth through the connecting rod to make a move. In this way, the wood can be crushed completely. If there is a problem in the connection between the connecting rods, the entire smashing mechanism cannot work, and the input wood is blocked in the smashing chamber. When cleaning the machine, it is necessary to disassemble the entire body.
Body vibration and balance, both of which are produced by the machine for a long time, because every time the machine is turned on, it will exert pressure on each fixing bolt and linking device, so long-term accumulation will make the link loose and the fuselage The vibrations have intensified. Too many impurities in the timber cause the wood shredder to be stuck frequently. This is mostly because the wood is not screened clean, causing some iron pieces to be doped and hitting the blade or the card machine, leading to a sharp drop in blade life. Problems must be solved in a timely manner. The wood shredding machine is like a human being. “When a minor illness does not cure a serious illness,” it is necessary to solve the small problem encountered, and to prevent major problems from occurring in the future or even to repair it. There is no doubt that ordinary wood shredders can process raw materials such as raw wood directly after processing. Because there are no iron or other hard materials in the raw materials, there are many kinds of materials suitable for processing by Shuguang Wood Shredder. Waste wood, furniture factory scraps, etc. will inevitably contain iron and other hard debris, impact on crush production and processing, there is no way to remove these nails?
The nails contained in the raw materials are removed without special cleaning steps. The wood shredder can be used directly. The wood shredder is equipped with an iron suction device at the feed inlet, and the wood shredder feed inlet flows through and sucks. The ironware adsorbs metal impurities in the raw material and prevents them from entering the crushing chamber along with the raw materials, causing damage to the wood shredder tool. The wood shredder can directly process the raw material containing the impurities of iron nails. It is not our own talk. It is actually tested. We increase the amount of disposable feed at the time of the test, so that the wood feeder of the shredder can be tested. The effect will be more accurate. After testing, all the nails contained in the raw materials were removed and did not appear in the crushing room. Whether or not the iron removal device needs to be installed at the feed port of the wood shredder depends on the type of raw materials that the user needs to crush. When users consult the equipment used to purchase the wood shredder, the type of raw materials, impurities, etc. The manufacturer of the wood shredder shows that when the raw material does not contain metal impurities such as nails, there is no need to install iron removal equipment.

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