Working principle and failure maintenance of cobblestone crusher


The cobblestone crusher can adjust the granularity of the material. Once the stone is formed at one time, the particle size below 5mm can reach more than 85%. The daily processing 2000T can be easily realized. Using two jaw plates to crush and bend materials, coarse crushing or crushing of all kinds of hardness materials crushing machine.
The material is first moved vertically into the high speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine. Then, under the action of high speed centrifugal force, the material is impacted by the material that distributary the material around the impeller with the other part in the umbrella form. Then, in the powerful eddy formed between the impeller and the casing, the material is struck again or again and again and again. It is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the sand making machine and is controlled by sieving equipment to achieve the desired product size.
Because of the relatively bad working conditions of the crusher, the torque or vibration is larger in the operation process, which often causes the failure of the transmission system. The common bearing room, bearing position wear, shaft head, keyway wear, belt wheel, coupling inner hole wear and so on. At the same time, due to the serious dust at the production site and poor lubrication conditions, it will also accelerate the wear and tear of the transmission parts. In addition, modern production enterprises have a high degree of automation and continuity, and the requirements for smooth operation of equipment are also getting higher and higher. And the crushing equipment is also developing towards large and high yield, and the difficulty of disassembly, transportation and maintenance is increasing. If there is no advanced maintenance means, once the above equipment problems occur, it can not be solved quickly and effectively in a short time, which will seriously affect the production of the enterprise.

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