Market prospect of building garbage shredder


The utilization of construction waste has become a common research topic in the world. Most developed countries implement the strategy of "source reduction of construction waste", that is, before construction waste is formed, it will be reduced by scientific management and effective control. For the construction waste, scientific means are used to make it a renewable resource. In many developed countries, construction waste is a resource and has created a new industry. The rate of construction waste recycling has reached 95% or even 100%. Make it a valuable resource in the city.
Faced with such complex resources, many people doubt whether they can be used. Zhengzhou Shuguang heavy industry after a large number of investigation, found that China's construction waste materials are relatively simple. Mainly because of the abundant labor force and the current price recovery of steel, wood, glass, plastic, paper and all kinds of packaging materials, there is a spontaneous scavenging army in the society. Once the construction waste is found, some people take the initiative to pick out valuable items, especially for the picking of steel bars. The result has brought help to the construction waste treatment plant. The raw material of building garbage in the factory is not much large and pure. The main building garbage shredder is mainly broken brick, concrete fragment, mortar block and soil. This is a major feature of building garbage disposal in China.

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