The application market of aluminum alloy shredding machine


The aluminum alloy shredder can easily handle some discarded materials such as waste colored steel tiles, waste paint barrels and used tyres. If we need to recycle, re - use the raw materials to produce more, realize more waste and reuse, waste iron and steel rip machine hot sales, let our home full of green, environmental issues are increasingly being paid attention to. If it can turn waste into treasure, naturally it will help the environment very much. The aluminum alloy shredder is a new environmental protection equipment in this period.
The frame of the aluminum alloy tearing machine is fixed with a fixed knife, and the shaft of the rotating knife is equipped with a detachable embedded movable knife. The number of the moving knife is determined according to the size of the different models and the rotating cutter shaft, and the moving knife is 14 angle surface. Due to the claw type moving knife, rotary cutting, and the fixed knife and the moving knife are imported SKD11 material, after heat treatment, the hardness is more than HRC60 degrees, so the service life is long, the cutting ability is strong, and the productivity is high. When the aluminum alloy shredder works, the material is pushed by hydraulic cylinder and equipped with clamping device. PLC programmable control, high degree of automation, easy to operate.

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