Scrap metal shredding machine in China market


Scrap metal as a renewable resource, has become increasingly prominent in the context of increasingly scarce mineral resources. Although our country is vast in territory, nonferrous metal resources are not abundant enough, and we need to import to meet the needs of economic development. At the same time, the utilization rate of waste metals in China is relatively low. With the continuous improvement of all kinds of scrap metal recovery technology, the utilization rate of scrap metal will be steadily improved. Under the backdrop of long-term support from the state policy for the reutilization of waste resources, the related companies of waste resource processing equipment will benefit.
The scrap metal shredder mainly breaks the large metal material into a blocky shape, which is convenient for transportation, packing and recycling. With the use of the metal crusher, the metal material can be crushed into the finished particles below 10~30mm, which not only reduces the heavy pressure and cost for transportation and recovery, but also has a strong effect on the dedusting and dust removal of the metal material after the crushing of the scrap iron and steel crusher.

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