Tips for controlling the discharging size of tire shredder


Tire shredder  is a very common equipment in the market, which plays a vital role in the recycling of waste tires and plastic. Rubber particles are widely used in playgrounds, kindergartens and gymnasiums. At the same time,rubber manufacturers also have strict requirements for rubber particles.
How to control the size of tire shredder discharging particles? Some people say that my equipment runs well, that is, the old control is not good granularity size. The control of particle size from material selection to tool inspection to screen control is not negligible, which step of inspection is not in place will appear uneven tire shredder discharge.
1. When choosing materials, we should be careful not to let sundries appear in the materials, especially small stones and broken iron. If it occurs, it will damage the tool and cause uneven tearing, resulting in uneven grain size.
2. Check whether the tool is worn or notched. If it is repaired in time, it is necessary to replace the new tool seriously.
3. When the screen is installed, it should be noted that the gap is not too large. If the gap is too large, the material will not leak out through the screen, resulting in uneven grain size. Also regularly check whether the screen is damaged, if there is timely repair or replacement of the new screen.
Through the above tips can effectively avoid the problem of  tire shredder rubber particles of different sizes.

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