Heating problem of the template shredder machine equipment


After working for a long time, the template shredder will produce the problem of fever next week. What causes this problem? In the operation process of the template shredding machine, the friction sound and the obvious swinging phenomenon will be accompanied by the machine. At this time, the operator should stop the equipment, disassemble the bearings, first repair the parts that produce friction, and then assemble the bearing of the mould plate shredding machine equipment again according to the requirements.
During the working process of a shredding machine, it is necessary to ensure that there are no other shredding impurities in the material to be tore, which should be prevented from producing the spark after the hammer is impacted with these impurities. On the other hand, to prevent these torn materials from being torn to pieces in the torn cavity, they will damage the sieve plates and affect the overall shredding effect. There is enough air quantity to ensure that the air volume has a good perforation speed to the sieve hole, so that the material after the shredder can be removed through the sieve hole to eliminate the speed of the sieve plate, and enough air volume can make the rip material and impurity separation. The purpose of improving the feeding device is to keep the rip material into the template shredding machine to keep the feed uniform as far as possible, and to keep the relative stability between the production capacity of the equipment and the production current. The feed flow rate is adjusted accordingly to ensure that the working current of the template shredder is always stable. From the working requirements of the machine, the advantages and disadvantages of the feeding device directly affect the shredding effect of the equipment.

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