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Three common dust prevention methods for crushers

In the normal use of impact crushers, cone crushers, hammer crushers, and jaw crushers, dust prevention has become a compulsory course for them.The main reason is that the working environment of the crusher is very harsh. If dust prevention is not done, the working efficiency and quality of the crusher will be greatly reduced. The dust prevention method commonly used in the actual production of the crusher is foam prevention. There are three types: dust device, water seal dust-proof device, and felt dust-proof device.

1. Foam dustproof device

Remove the dust ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame first, and clean the annular return tank.Then choose a foam material with an appropriate thickness (generally 10-20mm larger than the width of the tank), cut into a "mouth" shape, and ensure that the height of the foam is 20-30mm, and fix it in the return tank with "309 glue" .When the crusher is running, it relies on the elasticity of the foam plastic to always stick to the spherical ring, thus avoiding the possibility of dust entering.Since a large amount of dust enters the foam plastic during operation, the foam plastic is hardened, its elasticity is reduced and the dustproof function is lost, so the service life is short.

2. Rubber ring pair-water seal dustproof device

Make a pair of rubber rings according to the inner side of the cone drive body of the cone crusher and the outer side of the bowl-shaped bearing frame, and install the tapered rubber ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame.Install the cylindrical rubber ring on the cone drive body and ensure that the rubber ring pair is in close contact in any direction.When the crusher is working, the cylindrical rubber ring rotates and swings along with the crusher, and the tapered rubber ring on the bowl-shaped bearing frame is always tightly attached to the cylindrical rubber ring under the action of elastic force. Thus avoiding the entry of dust. However, due to errors in manufacturing and installation, very little dust enters the sink. Therefore, a water-sealed dust-proof device must also be used. This kind of dustproof device is essentially two-stage dustproof. The material of the rubber ring must have good elasticity, wear resistance and heat resistance. At present, it is difficult to find this kind of rubber sheet. Using ordinary rubber sheet or V belt, the service life is very short.

3. Water seal — — felt dustproof device

Choose industrial felt with a thickness of 3-8mm, and fix the felt on the outer edge of the oil return groove of the bowl-shaped bearing frame with a pressure plate. The height of the felt must be 3-5mm compressed. The installed felt should be doused with lubricating oil to reduce the wear of the felt. This is also a two-stage dust-proof device. In the water-sealed dust-proof device, most of the coarse dust has fallen into the water, and a part of the fine dust is flying. It is blocked by felt to prevent dust from entering the lubrication system. This method is simple, has good sealing effect and long service life. After using it for 2 months, it was opened and inspected, and it was found that the bowl-shaped bearing was very clean, free of fine sand and dust, the lubricant quality remained basically unchanged, and the felt was intact.

Foam dustproof device, water seal dustproof device and felt dustproof device have their own special features. You can choose a better dustproof device according to the working environment of the crusher and the material to be crushed. To ensure the normal operation of the crusher, but also to ensure the crushing quality of the crusher!

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