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The design of impact crusher plate hammer

As we all know, the impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment with a long history. Because of its strong practicability and good effect, it has been used until now.The impact crusher smashes the materials in an impact manner. The plate hammer hits the input materials from bottom to top and throws it to the upper impact plate for crushing.The design of the impact crusher plate hammer affects the crushing of the impact crusher.Let me talk about the design of the impact crusher plate hammer.

The countersink hole and tenon of the same size are designed symmetrically on the back of the impact crusher plate hammer for easy assembly.The outer surface should be designed as a plane, which is easier to match and fix with the tenon on the rotor body.

The thickness of the blow bar should be increased to 120mm. In order to reduce the weight and keep the same weight as the original blow bar, the other two surfaces of the blow bar are symmetrically designed with grooves, which can also be used as a wear boundary.

In order to increase the working stability of the impact crusher bolts and make them difficult to bend and shear, a centering matching with the counterbore is designed.In the improvement of the impact crusher hammer structure, the surface of the hammer structure is designed as a plane structure, so that the hammer can be more easily matched and fixed with the tenon on the rotor.At the same time, countersinks and mortises of the same size are symmetrically designed on the back of the blow bar, and the width of the countersink is kept consistent with the width of the tenon, which improves the tightness of the connection between the blow bar and the rotor structure.It can greatly extend the life cycle of the impact crusher plate hammer, prolong the service life of the equipment, and improve the production efficiency of the impact crusher.

If you choose Shuguang high-capacity, low-energy-consumption impact crusher, you will get twice the result with half the effort in the production process, which can greatly reduce production costs, provide production efficiency, and do it under the guarantee of efficiency and quality. It’s a good job to win a lot of profits for you. Shuguang machinery reminds you that in order to ensure the better continuous operation of the impact crusher in the sand production line and extend the service life of the equipment, users should carry out regular maintenance.

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