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Rational use of double shaft shredders

In order to make the double shaft shredder more durable, longer service life, and the best maintenance of production capacity, we should pay attention to the use of the double shaft shredder:

  1. 1. In the process of production of double-axis shredder, the working environment of reducer should be maintained at appropriate temperature, and the specific standard is - 10 ~40 C.
  2. 2. When cleaning the shredder, we should pay attention not to use high-pressure gun for cleaning. Although the shredder is a kind of machine with strong shredding ability, some of its components are very valuable, and it is not easy to carry out intensive cleaning.
  3. 3. When the shredder is working, we should pay attention to the boring placement. If the volume of the shredder exceeds the size of the shredder, then we should decompose the material before shredding or replace it with larger shredder equipment.
  4. 4. The line safety of shredder must be done well. It must not be done in a hurry. A switch should be installed outside the shredder to control the large line.
  5. 5. If there is abnormal sound or phenomenon in the working process of the shredder, we should shut down the shredder in time, after checking and removing the fault, then turn on the shredder and use it.
  6. 6. the maintenance work of the shredder must be done well, which is the key to ensure the long-term stable production of the shredder.

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