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Reasons for easy wear of hammer crusher head

Users who have used hammer crushers know that the more easily worn parts in hammer crushing are the hammer heads. We must replace them regularly, because the hammer crusher is driven by the motor to rotate the rotor in the crushing cavity at high speed. It is crushed by the impact,shearing and grinding action of a high-speed hammer. Therefore, the function of the hammer is very important. Today we will first explain the reasons why the hammer is easy to wear.

1. The material of the hammer

Ordinary high manganese steel hammers run on the crusher. Due to the low-impact operating conditions, the surface layer of the hammer has poor work hardening effect and serious wear, which is the root cause of the short life of the hammer.

2. The chemical composition of the hammer

The chemical composition of general hammer head high manganese steel has a decisive effect on the mechanical performance and wear resistance. A reasonable proportion of the hammer head composition can improve the hammer head quality and increase the hammer head service life.

3. The nature of the abrasive: crushing different materials has different effects on the wear of the hammer

The greater the material lumpiness, the higher the toughness requirements; and the higher the material hardness, the higher the hardness requirements of the hammer head material. The wear level of the hammer head is also related to the hardness and density of the stone.

In addition to the above common phenomena, the wear of the hammer head of the hammer crusher also has two wear phenomena, phase change wear and diffusion wear. Phase change wear refers to the friction between sand and mechanical metal when the crusher works at high speed. When a higher temperature is generated, which exceeds the transformation temperature of the steel used in the hammer, it will accelerate the wear of the hammer. Diffusion wear refers to the solid state mutual diffusion of chemical substances contained in sand and gravel materials and chemical substances such as iron and carbon elements in the hammer metal material in a solid state, resulting in the blade face of the crusher hammer. The hardness and strength of the hammer will decrease, and the wear of the hammer will increase, which will affect the performance of the hammer.

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