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Heavy hammer crusher

As a new type of crusher that can achieve both coarse and fine crushing, the heavy hammer crusher is loved by many users. Some people don't know what the structure of the hammer crusher looks like. Let's take a look today.

Working principle of heavy hammer crushing: The heavy hammer crusher uses the impact of a high-speed rotary hammer to crush. The heavy hammer crusher can be divided into single rotor heavy hammer crusher and double rotor heavy hammer crusher. When the heavy hammer crusher is working, the high-speed operation of the hammer head hits the large pieces of material fed in, and throws it onto the bearing plate on the inner wall of the machine body. The material is further impacted and broken, and then falls on the grate below. Products with qualified particle size are excluded from the gap between the grate bars, and the materials on the grate bars continue to be hit, squeezed, and ground by the hammer until they are all qualified.

The heavy-duty hammer crusher consists of a casing, a rotor, a percussion plate, a hammer head, a bracket, a liner, etc.

1. The casing is composed of an upper body, a rear upper cover, a left side wall and a right side wall. All parts are connected together by bolts. The upper part is opened with a feed port, and the interior is lined with high manganese steel liner, which can be replaced after wear. The dust leakage between the casing and the shaft is very serious. In order to prevent dust leakage, a shaft seal is provided. The lower part of the casing is directly placed on the concrete foundation and fixed with anchor bolts. In order to facilitate the maintenance, adjustment and replacement of the grate bars, an inspection hole is opened on the front and rear sides of the lower body. In order to facilitate maintenance and replacement of the hammer head, the two side walls are also symmetrically opened with inspection holes.

2. The rotor is composed of a main shaft, a disc, a pin shaft, etc. There are 6 evenly distributed pin holes on the disc, and 6-8 hammer heads are suspended by the pin shaft. To prevent axial movement of the disc and hammer. Both ends of the pin shaft are fixed with lock nuts. The rotor is supported on two rolling bearings. In addition, in order to store a certain amount of kinetic energy during the movement of the rotor, avoid excessive speed loss of the hammer head and reduce the peak load of the motor when crushing large materials, a flywheel is also installed at one end of the main shaft.

3. The main shaft is the main part supporting the rotor, and the impact force is borne by it. Therefore, the material is required to have high toughness and strength. Usually the cross section is circular, and there are flat keys to connect with other parts.

4. The hammer head is the main working part. Its quality, shape, and material have a great influence on the production capacity of the crusher. Therefore, the appropriate hammerhead quality is selected according to different feed sizes. The hammer head is made of bimetal thermal composite material liquid composite casting, which is more than 3 times the life of the general manganese steel hammer head!

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