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Effective ways to protect the main shaft of impact crusher

The main shaft of the impact crusher is the core component of the counter-breaking work process. If the main shaft is damaged, it cannot work, and changing the main shaft is a very troublesome task. In order to reduce this unnecessary trouble,we can try the following effective ways to protect the main shaft of the impact crusher.

1. Select materials with high wear resistance and stipulate heat treatment methods and strengthening processes that can improve the fatigue strength of the materials.

2. Improve the surface quality of the spindle. For example, the surface of the spindle in the higher stress area is processed to be smoother. Or, if some shaft sections work in corrosive media, proper surface protection should be specified for the shaft section.

3. Minimizing or eliminating the size of the initial cracks that may occur on the surface of the main shaft has a more significant effect on extending the service life of the hammer crusher and improving the material performance. Therefore, for important shaft sections, strict inspection methods and requirements should be specified on the design drawings.

4. Cooling, load reduction, and cooling design for the journal of the heating friction pair can also significantly increase its service life.

5. Minimize the influence of stress concentration on the spindle. This is the primary task and the main way to protect the main shaft of the impact crusher.The sudden change in the structural shape and size of the spindle (such as the shaft shoulder) is the structural source of stress concentration. Therefore,in order to reduce the stress concentration, the sudden changes in the structural shape and size of the part (that is, the spindle) should be minimized to make the change as smooth and uniform as possible.For this reason, it is necessary to increase the fillet radius at the transition as much as possible; the rigidity changes at adjacent sections on the same section of the shaft should be as small as possible, and so on.Where it is inevitable to produce larger stress concentration structures, load-reducing grooves can be used to reduce the impact of stress concentration.

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