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The working principle and structure of impact crusher

The impact crusher is currently the most widely used crushing equipment on the market. This equipment is mainly used for intermediate crushing of crushed materials. It is highly targeted for crushing materials and is widely used in building materials, mining, metallurgy, chemical engineering, water conservancy, hydropower, highways, railways and other fields are deeply favored by users. This article briefly introduces the working principle and structure of this equipment.

The working principle of impact crusher

First, the impact crusher motor drives the rotor to rotate through the triangular belt. At this time, the blow bar on the rotor is radiating under the action of centrifugal force. When the material enters the range of the blower's rotation from the inlet, it will be impacted by the high-speed rotating blower, and thrown to the impact board along the tangential direction of the blower's rotation. Then, it returns from the counterattack plate to the hammer rotation space and enters the impact zone of the second counterattack plate. The material is subjected to the repeated impact of the plate hammer, the counterattack plate and the impact in the crushing cavity, which continuously produces cracks along the joint surface of its own, and the internal organization is destroyed, loosened and broken. The particles smaller than the crushing requirement will be discharged out of the machine along the gap between the hammer and the impact plate, and become the crushed product.

Impact crusher structure

The impact crusher rotor 1 is assembled with the shaft 2 through a key. Rolling bearings are installed at both ends of the shaft to support the rotor. The hammer 3 is hinged on the ear seat of the rotor by a pin shaft. The counterattack board 4 is hung on the upper part of the machine body through a pin. The lower part of the machine body is connected with a special screw, and the gap between the rotor hammer and the counterattack plate is adjusted through the nut of the spring 5. The working surface of the counterattack board is equipped with a counterattack guard 6. When the guard plate is worn or damaged, it can be replaced in time. The second counterattack plate 7 is also hinged on the upper side of the rotor with a pin shaft. The connection method of the spring device 8 and the guard plate 9 is the same as that of the counterattack plate.

Impact crusher price

The price of impact crusher varies according to different equipment models. Different models, output and parameters are different. In addition, there are many manufacturers on the market, and different manufacturers use raw materials and technology to produce impact crushers. The prices are also different. According to the survey, the general price of impact crusher starts at 10,000 US dollars.

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