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How to improve the production capacity of impact crusher

High performance impact crusher is usually used as a secondary crushing equipment, which can crush materials with compressive strength no more than 320 MPa, such as limestone, granite, basalt, dolomite, shale, sandstone, etc. Production of various specifications of stone, in the market has also been verified by the majority of customers, widely used in highway, railway, mining, metallurgy and other industries. Here are five measures to improve the capacity of impact crusher.


1. Reasonably reduce the humidity of materials

The quality of material is the key to the yield. If the moisture content in the material is large, the material is easy to adhere to the crushing cavity, which may cause blockage in the blanking process, thus reducing the production capacity of the impact crusher. Therefore, the material with large moisture content can be dried or dried in advance to reduce the humidity of the material reasonably and improve the capacity of impact crusher crushing.



2. Pre screening materials in advance

The material entering the cavity directly determines the effect of sand making and crushing. If the material before crushing contains a large number of large pieces of high hardness ore, the crushing time of the material in the crushing chamber will be increased, and the impact crushing capacity will be reduced; if the material before crushing contains a lot of fine powder, it will cause adhesion and affect the conveying and blanking, thus reducing the energy output of impact crushing. Therefore, the material should be pre screened in advance to make the material entering the crushing chamber meet the design requirements of the impact crusher. In addition, to improve the capacity of impact crusher, it is necessary to have sufficient material resources and timely and effective supply to ensure the production progress and output.


3. Reasonable increase of main motor power

In the range of rated motor power, the higher the main motor power, the higher the production efficiency and production capacity. Therefore, within the allowable range, the main motor power can be increased to increase the production capacity of impact crusher breaker.


4. Properly increase the rotor speed

The speed of rotor is one of the important working parameters of impact crusher, which plays a decisive role in the production capacity, product size and crushing ratio. With the increase of rotor speed, the production capacity and crushing ratio of impact crusher will obviously increase, and the product particle size will be relatively fine, so as to improve the output and quality of finished products, and bring greater economic benefits for enterprises. However, with the increase of rotor speed, the power will be gradually consumed, resulting in faster wear of plate hammer, increasing production cost, so the speed should be appropriately increased in production.


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