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Non-clogging fine hammer crusher

The non-clogging fine hammer crusher produced by our company is characterized by its novel design, which can be positive and reversed, which improves the utilization rate of the hammer and reduces the frequency of replacement of the hammer,improve work efficiency, increase system output, and reduce production costs.This article briefly introduces the product features and working principle of the hammer crusher.

Features of non-clogging fine hammer crusher products

(1) There is no grating, which solves the problem of high humidity and clogging of materials;

(2) The rotor has a novel design, which can be forward and reverse, which improves the utilization rate of the hammer head, reduces the frequency of replacing the hammer head, improves work efficiency, increases system output, and reduces production costs;

(3) The heavy hammer head is used to greatly enhance the impact force, and the production capacity is twice that of the hammer crusher of the same specification;

(4) Breaking through the design concept, the size of the discharge opening is adjustable to ensure the uniformity of the discharge particle size, so that the material smaller than 8mm can reach more than 95%, which effectively improves the pass rate of product quality;

(5) The cavity plate can be opened, and the liner plate is easy to replace. The large machine adopts hydraulic cylinder;

(6) The machine is reliable in operation, easy to operate and easy to maintain;

(7) Make full use of the general crusher's characteristics of large strike force and high crushing rate. It can be widely used for fine crushing of medium-hardness and brittle materials, and the compressive strength of the crushed materials is not more than 150MPa.

Crushing mechanism of non-clogging fine hammer crusher

The ore has different inherent defects, such as bedding, inclusions, cracks, especially some ore expands in all directions from small to very fine, roughly visible cracks, etc., which cause the strength of the ore in all directions to be different.The use of violent impact and beating can cause the ore to break and break along the weakest point and fragile surface.However, as the crushing process progresses, the particle size of the ore continues to decrease, and the fragile points and fragile surfaces are also continuously reduced. Therefore, the strength of the ore increases accordingly, and the ore becomes stronger and stronger, requiring higher impact energy per unit volume. In order to make it broken,the non-clogging fine hammer crusher uses a high-speed rotating hammer or plate hammer to violently collide with the ore, so that while the ore is broken, it also obtains a certain speed of movement, and then collides with the impact board or liner.

Or the ore collides with each other, after many collisions, qualified products can be obtained.

In general, the non-clogging fine hammer crusher has reliable operation, convenient operation, energy saving and high environmental protection efficiency. It can crush limestone, dolomite, calcite, diabase, pebbles, etc. very well. Welcome to consult and choose purchase.

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