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The impact and crushing process of the hammer crusher on the material

Hammer crusher is a kind of basic crushing equipment that relies on high-speed rotating hammer head to impact and shear materials to achieve the purpose of crushing.This equipment is considered to be an early device in the crusher field and has been widely used in many fields. How much do you know about it?

The impact and crushing process of the hammer crusher on the material

The specification of hammer breaking is expressed by the diameter of the outer edge of the hammer and the working length of the rotor. Regardless of the type of hammer, they all use high-speed rotating hammers to impact and crush materials.

The process is as follows

①The material enters the crusher and is immediately crushed by the impact of the high-speed rotary hammer. The crushed material obtains kinetic energy from the hammer head and is impacted on the inner wall of the casing and the grate at a high speed to be crushed for a second time.

②After that, the material smaller than the gap between the grate bars will be discharged from the gap, while the larger material will rebound into the orbit of the hammer head's rotation, and will be crushed by the continuous impact of the hammer head.

③In addition, the granular materials that fall on the liner and the grate are ground by the hammer, and the material is crushed by impact between the materials during the crushing process.

Features of hammer crusher

Hammer crushing has high productivity, large crushing ratio (10-50), simple structure, compact size, long power consumption, easy maintenance, easy repair and replacement, easy to damage, uniform product size, and less over-crushing.

However, it also has shortcomings: the hammerhead, wattle, liner, and rotor disc are more worn, especially when crushing light and hard materials; when the water content of the crushed material exceeds 12%, the wear is faster. When glued, the gap of the wattle is easy to block, thereby reducing the production capacity, and increasing the energy consumption and the wear of the hammer head and other parts.

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