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Maintenance knowledge of hammer crusher

Hammer crusher is an important industrial secondary crushing equipment. It is not only rich in types, but also complete in models. The market demand for hammer crushers in the market is relatively large, so let's explain some maintenance and overhaul information of hammer crushers.

Repair details

First of all, when the hammer crusher is repaired, pay more attention to the parts, such as the liner. The liner is one of the easily damaged parts of the machine. When the liner is worn to a certain degree, the discharge particle size becomes coarser. Increase the moving cone to adjust the width of the discharge opening. When the liner is worn out, the hammer or liner must be replaced.

Secondly, the parts of the hammer crusher, such as screws, bolts, connecting parts and some fastening parts, should be overhauled and repaired, and checked for looseness, damage and failure.If there is any, it should be dealt with and replaced immediately to avoid malfunction when the machine is running.

Finally, the overhaul of the lubrication system should be increased to check whether the oil temperature of the hammer crusher's lubrication system is normal and whether the oil contains impurities.

If this happens, use a cooler to lower the oil temperature and replace the lubricating oil directly when there are too many impurities (if there are too few impurities, you can pour out all the lubricating oil and let it settle for more than 40 hours before use).

Overhaul time

1. Maintenance work from January to March: Just one or two maintenance work like a hammer crusher, mainly checking the main shaft suspension device, dustproof device, eccentric shaft sleeve and bevel gear,replace the lubricating oil and clean the components such as the liner, the transmission shaft part, the thrust disc and the lubrication system.

2. Overhaul work from June to December: Overhaul from June to December

It is called medium repair, including all the contents of minor repair; check and replace the liner if necessary; check and repair the transmission shaft part, eccentric sleeve, inner and outer bushing, thrust disc, suspension device, electrical equipment and other components.

3.2 years for maintenance work: In this case, it is said that the overhaul includes all the contents of the middle repair; check and repair or replace the crusher frame, beam and repair foundation. The overhaul period is approximately 5 years. The maintenance period of the above minor repairs, medium repairs and overhauls varies with the nature of the materials. When crushing hard materials (f=10~16), the medium repair period is about 3 to 4 months, and when crushing medium hard and soft materials , The cooking period of medium repair can be extended to two years. Intermediate and overhaul cycles are also related to the quality of daily operations, inspections and maintenance.

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