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Mobile stone crushing plant

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Mobile stone crushing plant

Product introduction

With the development of low-carbon and environmentally friendly economy, many stone crushing equipment have emerged on the market. Our company has newly launched a new type of mobile stone crushing plant, which is built with advanced technology and is more mobile, many drawbacks of traditional crushing equipment have been innovated, and the application field has been greatly expanded. It has significant performance, quality and price advantages. This equipment is briefly introduced below.

The mobile stone crushing plant has a wide range of applications. It can be used to crush pebbles, bluestone, granite, limestone, basalt, quartz stone, construction waste, etc. The processed materials can be used in construction, airports, highways, railways, bridges, etc. , used as high-quality raw materials.

Performance advantage

Strong flexibility

The vehicle-mounted chassis is very high, the overall width is smaller than the operating semi-trailer, and the turning radius is very small, which is more conducive to road and mountain road transportation, and the time to enter the construction site is shorter, which can provide a flexible space environment for the entire crushing processing line.

Less material transportation costs

It can realize on-site crushing and processing of materials, eliminating the intermediate transportation links of materials, reducing the transportation costs of materials, and making the operation more convenient.


It can form a system of coarse crushing, fine crushing and screening, which can be operated independently by a single machine or combined with other equipment. The configuration form is more flexible and the adaptability is super.

High output

Large internal volume, large feed volume per unit time, large carrying capacity for materials, large processing volume, very high output and efficiency.

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