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Important component of impact crusher-liner

Everyone must pay attention to some problems when using the impact crusher, that is, our operation and maintenance issues. The lining board, an important component of the impact crusher, plays a great role in the impact crusher.So how can we do the relevant liner work, what is the role of the impact crusher liner, and what are the benefits? Here we will answer one by one:

The shell liner of the impact crusher not only plays the role of crushing limestone, but also protects the shell. Therefore, the quality of the shell liner is very important for the maintenance of the entire equipment. Judging from the internal structure of the dual-rotor impact crusher, there are four shortcomings in the setting of the casing liner of the machine: one is that there is no liner area; the other is that the arrangement gap between the liners is too large, and the third is the casing liner. The material is not wear-resistant; fourth, the thickness of the casing liner is too thin. The unlined area of the dual-rotor impact crusher mainly refers to the unlined positions of the two side shells behind the second impact plate and the two bottom sides of the rotor. In order to be able to set the liner in the unlined area in a targeted manner, open the cover to check the unlined area after the new machine is installed and used for a month. It can be seen that the places with dense pitting on the surface are the places that are often impacted by limestone. The case lining plate is set like a lining area and fixed on the case with bolts to protect the case.

The understanding of impact crusher equipment and impact crusher components is a component that each of our users or companies should be familiar with. How we do the relevant work depends on how we currently perform it.

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