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Types of impact crusher motors and use problems show

We have explained the impact crusher before, but we need to master more knowledge about the impact crusher equipment, so that we can use it more easily. For the power problem of the impact crusher, we are also very What we pay attention to is also what we need to understand at present. We hope that we can better develop our impact crusher:

First, there are two types of impact crusher power: motor or hydraulic:

For the motor, we mainly focus on the crushing of small materials. At this time, we can use the motor to start the operation. The advantage of this is that it can save our energy, so this is what we need to do.

For hydraulic pressure, we mainly use it for crushing relatively large stones, ore, or when we have more materials, so that we can achieve our goal.

In our specific use, these two are very important. What we need to consider in use is how we can match our impact crusher to use it better. If we choose our motor to start, we must use it. When it is time to use our hydraulics, we also need to act on hydraulics.

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