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What are the reasons for the dust generated by the impact crusher

Impact crusher is an important equipment for crushing and processing materials,which is generally used for the next step of jaw crushing.The impact crusher has high crushing strength and high production efficiency in operation, and it can bring greater economic benefits to the user’s production during operation.However, the equipment also has shortcomings, that is, dust will be generated during operation, which will not only pollute the environment, but also pose a certain threat to the health of the operators, so this is an urgent problem for users.So what are the reasons for counter-breaking production dust? How to solve?

1. After the equipment has been operated for a long time, the hammer head and the lining board have a certain degree of wear, and even breakage, which makes the sealing performance of the equipment itself worse, so that the broken fine dust during the operation will overflow.

2. In the crushing process of materials, multi-stage crushing is required. The materials are crushed very finely, so it is easy to fly out during operation, thus causing harm to the surrounding environment.

Method to solve dust in the operation of impact crusher

There are many ways to solve the dust production in the impact crusher operation. Below we will do a detailed analysis for the user.

1. If there is a place with a large amount of powder during the operation, the user can use a sealing cover for this place, and at the same time, the entire production can be sealed, which can effectively reduce pollution.

2. After a period of operation, clean up the dust generated in the operation in time to avoid secondary pollution during the operation.

3. Under the premise of not affecting the crushing of the material, keep the material at a certain humidity, which can also effectively reduce the generation of dust.

4. Install an exhaust system in the working environment to make the local air of the production dust flow, thereby reducing dust splashing.

Effectively solve the pollution caused by the impact crusher operation, not only can improve the operation efficiency, reduce the environmental pollution and the operator's body injury, but also effectively avoid the wear of the vulnerable parts during the operation, so that the equipment is Longer lifespan, more durable, and greater economic and social profit for users.

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