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How does the impact crusher reduce the wear rate

Impact crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment. It is also vulnerable to wear while crushing stones. So how to reduce the wear rate of equipment in daily production activities?

1. Control the properties of materials. In the feed stage of impact crusher, the hardness, water content and mud content of raw materials must be strictly controlled. The impact crusher can crush materials with hardness less than 250mpa and water content less than 15%. The raw materials can be pretreated, such as drying, decontamination, etc., to prevent unbreakable materials from entering the crushing cavity.

2. Control the feed size. If the material entering the crushing cavity is too large, under continuous impact, the hammer head and liner of the impact crusher are also likely to be damaged, causing equipment failure. Therefore, the bulk materials are strictly screened and controlled before they enter the crushing cavity.

3. Control the feed volume. If the feed volume is too large, it is easy to overload the equipment and cause blockage. Therefore, a vibrating feeder with excellent performance and quality should be used for feeding operations, and its exciting force or feeding inclination should be adjusted appropriately according to the different properties of the material.

4. Appropriate overhaul and maintenance. Regularly check the wearing parts, lubricate in time, and remove dust to extend the service life of each part. During the use of the hammer head, it can be changed in time to make the two sides of the hammer head circulate and evenly bear the force, which can improve the utilization rate of the hammer head.

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