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Seven qualities of impact crusher

The impact crusher can be used as a primary crushing equipment alone or as a secondary crushing equipment in conjunction with other crushing equipment. Whether it is in the cement production line or the limestone production line, the impact crusher can be found to have obvious benefits. Why can impact crusher become a first-line product in the crushing industry? We have listed the seven qualities of impact crusher for you.

1. The back plate of the rotor can withstand the extremely high moment of inertia of the rotor and the impact and crushing force of the hammer.

2. The optimized design is a low-speed, multi-crushing cavity impact crusher, whose linear speed is reduced by 20%-25% compared with individual counter-attack crushing, achieving high production capacity with low energy consumption.

3. There are three-stage crushing and shaping effects, so the crushing ratio is large, the product shape is broken cube, and it can be crushed selectively.

4. The fair hammer structure has the advantages of fast loading and unloading, multiple shifts, etc., which can greatly shorten the time for hammer replacement.

5. Strange counterattack tooth plate, keyless connection.

6. The hard rock impact crusher is equipped with a multi-functional hydraulic station, with hydraulic high-speed discharge gap, the impact plate is stable and vibration reduction, and the body is actively opened.

7. With new manufacturing techniques, successfully developed a high wear resistance, high toughness chromium, molybdenum impact crusher, vanadium alloy material, which solved the difficulty of crushing hard materials.

The use of counterattack to process limestone will be of extraordinary value, and its use can be well applied.

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