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Kyanite impact crusher

After the raw kyanite ore is roughly crushed by a jaw crusher, an impact crusher is usually used for shaping and fine crushing. On the basis of the traditional impact crusher, Shuguang machinery has made optimization and improvement, and combined with the mineral characteristics of kyanite, the kyanite impact crusher produced has remarkable performance characteristics and is favored by many customers.


Kyanite impact crusher is mainly composed of body, high-speed motor, transmission device, cavity liner, rotor, liner, blower, impact plate and other components. The rotor is fixed on the main shaft. Three hammers are installed on the rotor surface. Two counterattack plates are hung on the inner wall of the casing above the rotor. A curtain composed of many chains is hung between the counterattack plate and the feed inlet.

Working principle

When working, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates at high speed, and the kyanite is fed from the feed port and slides down the feed screen. During the falling process, it is held by the hammer on the high-speed rotating rotor. It is crushed and obtains extremely high kinetic energy. It flies to the counterattack plate along the tangent direction at high speed. After being hit and broken by the counterattack plate again, it is rebounded by the counterattack plate and collides with the ore thrown out by the rotor. The same crushing process in one cavity will meet the discharge granularity and discharge from the bottom discharge port.

Performance advantages

1. The counterattack plate is welded by steel plates, and the counterattack surface is equipped with a wear-resistant liner, which is not easy to wear and easy to replace.

2. Adopt high-precision bearing sealing lubricating oil system, no oil leakage, and can effectively prevent dust from entering the machine.

3. The lifting device can quickly hit the rear frame, and at the same time, the rotor and the main shaft are connected by an expansion sleeve without key, which is convenient for maintenance, economical and reliable.

4. The maintenance door is equipped with a safety interlock system, which can prevent the maintenance door from being opened during operation and the machine from being turned on during maintenance.

5. The uniform plate structure makes the discharge of small particle size and cubic shape, without internal lines, and the discharge particle size can be flexibly adjusted.

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