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Description of impact crusher adjustment accessories

Impact crusher is a new type of high-energy-rate crushing equipment. Its characteristics are: small size, simple structure, large crushing ratio, low energy consumption, large production capacity, uniform product size, and selective crushing effect;the disadvantage of impact crusher is that the hammer and impact plate are particularly easy to wear, especially for crushing hard ores, the wear is more serious and needs to be replaced frequently. At present, due to the appearance of some wear-resistant materials, they have been used in some metal concentrators.

The impact crusher is widely used in many industry sectors, which stems from its special structure and performance characteristics. In the working process of the impact crusher, the crusher needs to be adjusted due to various reasons. The general need to adjust is the adjustment of the discharge gap and the adjustment of the product size, which will be described in detail below.

(1) Unloading gap adjustment mechanism

The counterattack device usually has a discharge gap adjustment mechanism. Usually the adjustment of the discharge gap can change the number of impacts of the material, thereby affecting the composition of the product particle size to varying degrees. The gap size of the deadweight counterattack device is adjusted by the suspension bolts. The spring-type counterattack device uses a spring adjustment mechanism to adjust the gap, which can ensure that the spring preload does not need to be adjusted when the discharge gap is adjusted, simplifying the adjustment of the discharge gap. In addition, there are heavy hammer and hydraulic counterattack devices. At present, self-weight and spring type are used more frequently. The self-weight structure is simple, reliable, and easy to adjust, but the product granularity is poor and the structure is relatively heavy. The spring-type product has better particle size uniformity, but the structure is more complicated.

(2) Product granularity adjustment

The double-rotor impact crusher needs to be adjusted properly due to the requirements of product particle size or the wear of the plate hammer and other parts.The main purpose is to adjust the gap between the sub-cavity counterattack plate, the second counterattack plate and the leveling sieve plate and the end of the hammer.The first counterattack plate is used to coordinate the adjustment of the sub-cavity counterattack plate, so as to maintain the approximate arc-shaped counterattack crusher. When adjusting the sub-cavity counterattack plate, turn the positioning nut to change the gap with the end point of the rotor hammer. When adjusting the gap, the spring prestress must be adjusted accordingly. The adjustment of the gap between the end points of the second counterattack plate, the leveling screen and the second rotor hammer is achieved by adjusting the corresponding springs.

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