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Factors affecting the output of impact crusher

Impact crusher is a new, energy-saving and effective crushing equipment, widely used in building materials, railways, mining and other industries. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, large production capacity, and uniform crushing particle size. The output of impact crusher is a concern when users buy it, and it is also a guarantee for users to obtain higher profits in the later period. How to increase the output of equipment and what factors affect the output of impact crusher are detailed below for customers.

Influencing factors of impact crusher output

1. The hardness of the material

The greater the hardness of the material, the more difficult it is to crush the material. When crushing the harder material, it will cause serious wear to the equipment, thereby reducing the progress of the crushing, and the ability of the equipment to crush the material.

2. The humidity of the material

When the water content of the material crushed by the equipment is too much, the material is easy to adhere in the crushing cavity, and at the same time, it will cause different degrees of blockage during the feeding, resulting in the reduction of crushing capacity.

3. The composition of materials

The more fine powder the material contains before crushing, the worse the crushing effect will be, because the fine powder in the crushed material will affect the transportation of the material, and at the same time, some of the fine powder will be adsorbed on the equipment, which will increase friction and reduce the service life of the equipment,thereby affecting the crushing ability.

4. Equipment repair and maintenance

The repair and maintenance of the equipment is very important. If regular maintenance is not done, some parts will be severely worn during operation, which will greatly reduce the crushing capacity.

How to increase the output of impact crusher

1. Appropriate equipment model

Different customers have different requirements for the production of materials and the degree of material crushing. If the selected model is not consistent, it will not only affect the production capacity, but also accelerate the wear of the equipment and reduce the service life of the equipment.Therefore, the user should choose the appropriate type of equipment before crushing the material.

2. Sufficient material resources

When crushing the material, it should be ensured that the material is sufficient. If the material is insufficient in the crushing, it will not only affect the production progress but also have a certain impact on the output.

3. Regular maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance of the equipment is the key to the normal operation of the equipment, which can not only effectively increase the service life of the equipment, but also increase the production capacity of the equipment and increase the output of the equipment.

4. Reasonable layout of the installation base

When installing the equipment, you should choose a flat and wide place, because no matter what kind of production process is composed of multiple sets of equipment, these equipments can only achieve greater production output if they are firmly fixed and rationally arranged.

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