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Five selection standards of limestone impact crusher

The feed size of limestone impact crusher is 100-500mm, and the desired particle size can be obtained by adjusting the gap between the crusher hammer head and the impact plate breaker hammer. The selection of limestone impact crusher is very important, which is not only limited to the selection of models, but also pay attention to its overall performance. To understand the five selection standards of limestone impact crusher, it is convenient for you to buy more ideal limestone impact crusher.


1.Model selection meets processing requirements


According to different performance configurations, limestone impact crusher can be roughly pided into three series, namely ordinary pf impact crusher, HD German impact crusher and CI European impact crusher. Each series of equipment can be subpided into many models. Each model of limestone impact crusher is different in the size of feed port, maximum feed size, capacity, power, weight, volume and other parameters. When the lime stone is used for impact crusher, it is necessary to comprehensively refer to its own requirements, such as the grain size of processed stone, the grain size of finished products, hourly production, energy consumption, investment cost, etc., and make a reasonable selection to ensure that the processing demand is met and the production capacity is not wasted.


2.Equipment quality


High quality limestone impact crusher runs smoothly, has low failure rate and long service life. It can effectively reduce the maintenance cost and downtime of the equipment, ensure the high-yield operation of the equipment, and bring higher production income for users. The parts of limestone impact crusher mainly include impact block, plate hammer, rotor, thread sheath, side lining plate, frame components, impact frame, impact plate adjusting device, etc. among them, impact block and lining plate are easy to wear parts in the whole equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to use high wear-resistant materials to ensure strong toughness and compression resistance.


3.Large quantity, high quality and easy operation


The output of the equipment is another important indicator of the quality of the equipment. A good limestone impact crusher processing capacity is larger, the product quality is higher, the market demand is greater, and the economic benefits are greater. The processing capacity of limestone impact crusher is generally between 30-550t / h, which can meet the general processing requirements of users. If users need more limestone impact crushers, they can also consult relevant manufacturers for customized production.


4.Energy saving, environmental protection and no pollution


At present, strict environmental protection inspection, a limestone crushing plant want to run, environmental protection standards is the key. The energy-saving performance of limestone impact crusher is low starting current, which can make use of surplus electric energy. It can save tens of thousands of yuan for users in one year. Limestone impact breaker is equipped with advanced dust removal, noise reduction and other environmental protection devices, which can effectively reduce dust, noise and other pollution, in line with the national environmental protection requirements.


5.Affordable price, many choices


There are various types and models of impact crushers on the market. However, due to the different strength of different manufacturers, the technical input, material selection and casting process of the production equipment are different, and the quality of the equipment produced is uneven. Therefore, users should be cautious when purchasing equipment Compare with three, go to the factory site investigation and other means to purchase high-quality and low-cost equipment.


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