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What't the output of 1315 impact crusher

The full name of 1315 impact crusher is pf-1315 impact crusher. It is a crushing equipment with large demand on the market. It has the characteristics of large production capacity and small particle size of finished products. Its compressive strength can reach 350 MPa. It is commonly used to treat materials with medium hardness.


Production capacity is a hard indicator to measure the quality of an equipment. Many customers ask "how much is the hourly output of 1315 impact crusher". Next, we will give a brief introduction to this issue.


What is the hourly production of 1315 impact crusher

The expected output range of 1315 impact crusher is 100-280 tons per hour, but in actual production, it will be affected by many factors, such as poor quality and performance of the manufacturer's equipment, non-standard operation of users, etc., which will reduce the output of the equipment; however, if good auxiliary operation can be adopted, the output of the equipment will increase, so users should comprehensively consider various factors and more Inspect and purchase equipment from reliable manufacturers.


What factors affect the actual yield of 1315 impact crusher

(1) Is the quality of the equipment qualified

To a certain extent, the output of the equipment depends on the quality of the equipment itself. Therefore, users should not blindly pay attention to the price of the equipment when purchasing 1315. Instead, they should comprehensively consider various indicators, identify the regular manufacturers, and choose high cost-effective products, so as not to lose a lot because of small size.


(2) Is the user operation reasonable and standard

Whether the user's operation is reasonable or not will also have a great impact on the output. The operators should use 1315 correctly, repair and check regularly, and do not delay the construction period, affect the efficiency and reduce the production capacity because of improper operation.


(3) Is the selected material reasonable

Each kind of crushing equipment has certain hardness requirements for the materials. 1315 impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness materials. Therefore, cone crushing should be selected for some high hardness materials. Otherwise, the production capacity will be reduced, the equipment will be worn, and the service life will be shortened. The gain will not be worth the loss.


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