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tire shredder manufacturers

The tire shredder device can tear up the material such as automobile tire, bicycle tire, scrap shoe bottom, etc., which can be shredded up to qualified granularity according to the user's requirements. According to customer requirements, it can be torn to the size of customer demand, convenient for the process of the process, it is a waste rubber tire irreplaceable machine. The material can be recovered and reused after the tire shredder device is broken, and it appears in rubber runway, rubber flat, rubber playground.

The important structure of tire shredder includes: feeding machine (deceleration type), screen selecting machine and conveyor etc. The whole set of equipment is also relatively easy to operate, since full automatic production technology, it does not require too much artificial investment, suitable for different people to start a business.

Zhengzhou shuguang machinery to survive by quality, with credibility development as the purpose, based on the domestic, efforts to improve itself. Has skilled technical personnel, design unique, with trust and favorable comment of customer, tire shredding machine equipment to promote the development of the reclaimed rubber, widely used, to realize the value of the waste in the use, make some seemingly no use value of waste rubber scrap for the benefit of the masses of the people, has an important role in industrial development.

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