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Double shaft shredder grinding dust cavity inspection

We speak of the previous period in the shredder a fault may occur: hanging shaft of the sliding bearing to death, and suspension shaft chamber gathered a large number of oil sludge, also know that this may be due to outlet clearance is too large, led to the suspension shaft inner chamber pressure is less than the milling cavity pressure, causing dust into the suspension shaft inside the cavity, in the long term a lot into the accumulation, so we can say this to how to solve this situation.

This time we have been down, open the milling chamber, using hand plate found some roll alternately rotation and not turn, roll and grinding ring is collapse, caused by poor lubrication analysis of roller bearing is at this time we should be in accordance with the instructions on the technical requirements of processing, processing after the nondestructive flaw detection for each column pin;

In order to ensure the uniform distribution of the various column pins, it is necessary to reprocess the cylinder pin hole of the wheel and compressor flywheel.

Ensure the assembly precision of the axle machine and the concentricity requirement of the motor and compressor, make a reasonable disassembly plan and tighten the torque wrench evenly when fastening the pin. This will eliminate the risk of the device.

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