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The lining of metal shredder influences the quality of parti

Metal shredder lining board affects the quality of the discharging granularity, metal shredder is mainly composed of shredded the subassembly, bearing housing, housing, feeding system, power system, electric control system of the machine. It is mainly used for tearing up thin and thin metal with certain strength, increasing its accumulation density so that it can be transported and recycled. Shredder objects such as metal barrels, refrigerators, automobiles, scrap steel, steel furniture, etc.

In practice, we find that the hardness of the material is related to wear resistance, and the wear resistance increases with the increase of hardness. The manufacturer must use the materials with high wear resistance.

2. The number of friction between metal shredder and crushed material

In the process of crushing, the hammer head and material are continuously hit and friction. During the process, the material will collide with the lining board, and the collision of the metal will cause the wear of the lining.

When the lining board has depression or cracking, please replace it in time, otherwise it will affect the size of the granules.

Metal shredder equipment by 3 three parts is composed of thickening steel plate, the fulfillment of the internal hook knife hammer and lining board, do up evenly, wear-resisting durable, reached the state environmental protection requirements in the process of operation. The function, quality, function, application and protection of metal shredding machine have innate advantages. Weak movement on the disposal of scrap metal.

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