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The quality of the wood shredder is determined by its blade

Wood shredder quality is determined by its blade, blade is mainly by the quality of its materials, using what material to make the wood shredder blade according to the required pieces products material to decide, like a torn steam car tires should choose the material Cr12MoV, secondly decide important reason is that the service life of blade machine operation personnel's operational problems. When we were in the feeding mouth feed tore up be sure to check the required materials There was a scrap metal or hard material, if so, we should be clear in time, avoid when shredded wood shredder blade crack, should inspect the before and after work every day Shredder of the subassembly is close to the damaged blades, if you have, please change in time, because the blade is damaged, you don't know what time they will fall off, if you fall off inside the material box, it will cause a set of blades scrapped entirely, serious when can cause operating personnel casualties, so we just in wood shredding machine blade material and daily.

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